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We help you win new customers in a quick, easy and efficient way

The D OPENER Social Selling concept ...

The D OPENER team, our market-experts and our cooperation platform will help you win the right customers quickly and efficiently. We enable established companies and young startups to enter new markets and countries cost-effectively and with a greatly reduced risk.

For companies ...

As an established company, you aim to optimize and expand your sales? You want to win new industries, countries and break into new markets with your products and services? Design your go-to-market strategy effectively and efficiently. The D OPENER Social Selling concept will support you.

For market-experts ...

You have good and trusting business contacts and want to expand these customer relationships with innovative products and projects? Cooperate with companies, profit by exchanging knowledge with other market-experts and extend your expertise and your portfolio.

For startups ...

You are a startup and want to sell your products or your services? Take advantage of the unique D OPENER Social Selling concept. It allows you to address new markets at low cost and with a greatly reduced risk.

Our market experts - customers – partner

A selection of market-experts, customers and partners who work successfully with D OPENER

Business-Partner Österreich


Consulting and sustainable IT solutions from one-stop. AccliN GmbH is a consulting company in the field of business and IT consulting. Based in Dornbirn, it is an on-site partner of BMD, and offers services in the field of operational management consulting in connection with IT project management and product lifecycle management (PLM).

Market Expert

Miriam J. Hohenfeldt

Networking professional. Expert for customer relationship management and negotiation with enthusiasm. Industries: retail, software, associations, furniture, cosmetics. Additional services: sales training.

Market Expert

Dr. Wolfgang Bossung

Expert for technical due diligence, company management, technical and commercial management for new product launches, interim management, security risk map check and server migration. Industry access to investors and the ICT industry. Winner of the 2002 Science Prize at the TU Darmstadt with the topic "Functional Specification and Codeign of Embedded Systems".

Market Expert

Michael M.

Expert for industry access, knowledge transfer and initial contact in the sectors automotive, banking, financial services and medical technology.

Makes automatic time tracking finally automatic


timeBro offers a tool for marketing agencies und IT-consultancies. It helps employees to record their project times automatically and saves up to 8 h/month per head.

Market Expert

Reinhard Schuhmann

Entrepreneur, manager, certified coach, mediator and startup coach. Expert in IT, software, telecommunication, business analytics, eCommerce, digital business challenges in industry, commerce and public administration.

Market Expert

Michael Ristau

Expert for industry access, knowledge transfer and initial contact in the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors. Book author: "Process optimization in individual production". Certified trainer, offers seminars in the technical area.

Market Expert

Sebastian Grothaus

Entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder Good Profits, expert for social enterprises and financial service providers.

About us

Design thinker, we make networking strategic and profitable.


D OPENER is a young social selling service company based in Munich, which was founded in July 2016 by the two experienced managers.

D OPENER is the first online platform which uses networking as a strategic sales channel and makes business contacts more profitable. We collaborate with people who enjoy working with new, innovative and unusual ideas. Together, we provide optimal services and we successfully combine market experts with companies.

We enable startups and established companies to expand their national and international sales activities and we do it in a flexible and cost-effective manner. The idea for this platform is the result of thoughts on how we can scale our many years of networking experience and turn strategic relationships into a strategic win-win.

Actually it must be called win-win-win, because with D OPENER everyone profits: Companies, market-experts and the Customers.


  •   Thomas Kalker
  •   81541 München, Balanstr. 73, Haus 21A, c/o Social Impact, Germany
  •   service.desk@dopener.com
  •   dopener.com

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